[Update] LME says Kang Daniel contract termination report is about modification, Kang Daniel shares official statement

In ‘you couldn’t put this in a drama because it would be panned as ridiculous’ news, former WANNA ONE center Kang Daniel has reportedly submitted to terminate his contract with LM Entertainment, while LME clarified that he just wants to redo his terms, and all of this was supposedly sparked by … the currently embattled Seungri?


Starting at the beginning, a report by Market News claimed that Kang Daniel had filed for contract termination.

On March 3, news outlet Market News reported that Kang Daniel had asked to terminate his contract with his current agency LM Entertainment.

After that shocker spread, LME called SPO TV News, saying that it’s true that Daniel’s people contacted them but that it was a request to modify the contract not terminate it, also alluding to some kind of vague misunderstanding.

In a call with news outlet SPO TV News, LM Entertainment stated, “It is true that we received a certification of contents, but it was a request to modify clauses in the contract, not to terminate it. We are currently discussing the modification of the contract’s clauses.” LM Entertainment has also told other outlets that there was a misunderstanding between the agency and the artist and that they will do their best to reach an agreement.

Maybe LME are being truthful here, but it sure as hell seems like he may have filed for contract termination and this is the explanation they’re giving publicly as they’re desperately trying to work things out with him. Though admittedly, the timing of this would be odd considering he just signed with LME along with Yoon Ji Sung on February 1.

For what it’s worth, Sports Chosun also confirmed that he was working towards terminating his contract and the two sides have been in talks for three weeks already.

It has now been revealed in another exclusive report by Sports Chosun that Kang Daniel is working on terminating his contract, and sent in his official certification to his agency.

Anyway, if that drama wasn’t enough, apparently the idea for Kang Daniel to do this was sparked by a 40-something businesswoman from Hong Kong, who Daniel was introduced to through none other than Seungri.

Sports Chosun’s report has stated that the spark for Kang Daniel’s decision to leave LM Entertainment was BIGBANG’s Seungri. During Kang Daniel’s time with Wanna One, he was able to meet up with Seungri, who introduced him with a Hong Kong woman in her 40’s. Sports Chosun reports that this woman is meeting with various potential investors to lure Kang Daniel away from LM Entertainment.

Honestly, this is almost too ridiculous to be true, right? Like coincidentally Seungri is in a world of shit right now and then it happens he was behind getting the former WANNA ONE center to terminate his contract after he setup a meeting with an anonymous woman? I don’t believe the timing of this even makes sense since he’s only been with LME for like a month, though I suppose that could be a technicality since he’s always been with CJ E&M in some form.


Regardless, it’s quite a mess at the moment, but we’ll likely eventually find out what the truth is sooner than later, as whatever path Daniel takes his career down will be highly publicized.


It seems like it may primarily be a terms dispute with his company after all, as Daniel left a message to fans on his fancafe explaining the situation.

Hello beloved fans, it’s Daniel. First, I would like to thank my fans who have been waiting for me for the past month, and I am deeply sorry that you had to hear about me through negative news articles. As it was abruptly reported today, I am currently in dispute with LM Entertainment. Because I wasn’t even able to show you how I was doing through my SNS, and did not want to worry you, I have been continually asking the management to transfer my SNS account to me so that I could at least convey any news to my fans. I had been waiting for the management to voluntarily transfer the account to me, but the management refused to transfer my SNS account. And today an article was reported about the dispute between us. During the time from when I first encountered the articles until now, many malicious speculation articles that were not true began to be reported, and although I was taken back, aside from myself, I was more worried about the my fans who would be hurt by the facts that are not true. This is why I have decided to end my wait and have gained courage to open a new account for my personal Instagram at 12pm tomorrow. I have given a lot of thought to this decision, and I have to say that this is my sincere act that I have decided for myself and my fans. I miss you so much. I was able to pull through during this hard time entirely with our memories together and the love and support you have given me. I will do my best to stand tall before you. Please trust me and wait for me. The truth will be known.

Okay, so he’s saying that the dispute is real and it’s about to get real.


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