Dispatch reports on Jung Joon Young’s network of chats for sharing hidden cams/pics & discussing having sex with women

Following the reveal that Jung Joon Young had shared hidden camera videos and pictures of women in a group chat that included Seungri, the extent of his activities in that regard have now been revealed by Dispatch.


Back in 2016 during an appearance on ‘Radio Star‘, Zico and Jung Joon Young joked about how the latter had a ‘Golden Phone’, which given recent news sure seems like a reference to all these hidden camera videos and pictures. Well, starting in March of 2019, records reportedly show that a new ‘Golden Phone’ made an appearance with a chatroom that included eight people.

Starting in March 2019, a new “Golden Phone” appeared. This chatroom contained the 8 members who were previously revealed, including: Seungri, Jung Joon Young, a 2nd male singer “C”, Mr. Kim, Mr. Yoo, and 2 other individuals, identified as “H” and “G”. These 8 members were all very close with each other. Dispatch has reported that they would share anything and everything between themselves, from their personal lives to women. They turned women and celebrities into their favorite type of “food” (discussion topic). There were no secrets between the 8 of them.

This is also reportedly a chat in which Seungri had talked about soliciting prostitutes.

Dispatch has also reported that the chats where Seungri allegedly talks about soliciting prostitution were held in this same chatroom. In 2015, a group of foreign soccer investors visited Korea, and Seungri was given the mission to “do well”.

The primary reveal of this report was the extent of Jung Joon Young’s group chat habits, as he reportedly had dozens of them where at least 10 women were victimized, and he would share illicit material in all of them.

Jung Joon Young reportedly made dozens of his own chatrooms. In these chatrooms, hidden camera videos were filmed and shared. Some of the chatrooms only had one other participant, while others had multiple. Among the victims filmed illegally were some women who were aspiring to be celebrities.

Jung Joon Young split the chat rooms into two categories, referencing Seungri and himself.

Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms were reportedly split into two sectors: “Seungri-Fam” and “Joon Young-Fam”. “Seungri-Fam” chatrooms were for business related planning, and many of the people were Seungri’s acquaintances. “Joon Young-Fam” chatrooms were where Seungri and those he may not be close with would gather, and become close. Singer “L”, who has been mentioned often, was part of the “Joon Young-Fam” chatrooms, but singer “C” was only part of “Seungri-Fam” chatrooms.

Important to note that Dispatch is saying that Seungri was on both groups of chats.

With Mr. Kim, Jung Joon Young’s most frequent accomplice, they reportedly shared hidden camera videos and pictures as proof shots of one-night stands.

Mr. Kim was Jung Joon Young’s biggest “hidden camera mate”. Over a span of 10 months, the two reportedly filmed a total of 10 hidden cameras (videos and pictures). For the two of them, it was like a “home run”. In short, it was like a proof shot of a one-night stand. There were also other attempted hidden camera videos, but those failed.

Like with the previously revealed group chats, in the newly released group chats, it shows the members of the group discussing women they slept with.

Mr. A: Mr. X had a one-night stand with Y (a girl group member).
Mr. B: Hey Mr. X, was Y a good restaurant? (was she good in bed?)
Mr. C: Yesterday I was with Z
Mr. D: Oh! Z is really a slut.

Jung Joon Young: What the name for your new title track?
Mr. A: Title song? _ _ _ _ _ (5 Characters in Korean)
Jung Joon Young: Ah, it’s a song for pussies then. [ㅂㅈ is short for 보지, which is an offensive slang word for vagina.]

It’s been made clear that everybody involved in these chats essentially dehumanized the women they’re discussing and treated them as if they were just sex toys for them to play with.

In that vein, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jung Joon Young’s apology for his prior hidden camera accusation (that he was cleared of back in 2016) was supposedly disingenuous.

Dispatch talked with an anonymous person who met with Jung Joon Young right before his press conference in early 2017, where he addressed his initial hidden camera controversy with his then-girlfriend. He was making his return to television just 3 months after the controversy. “When he (Jung Joon Young) was going to the press conference, he said ‘I’ll go up there and pretend that I’m sorry.’ He didn’t seem to understand the actual problem. Those videos are like a game to him. Taking hidden camera videos has become a habit.”

Jung Joon Young got away with it once and convinced the public it was all a big misunderstanding, and yet instead of reflecting, he supposedly showed no remorse. Not exactly a hard thing to believe given what we’ve seen come out in the group texts.


Meanwhile, it was revealed that Jung Joon Young has cancelled all activities and is coming back to Korea to answer police investigations, according to a statement released by Make Us Entertainment.

Hello, this is MakeUs Entertainment. We fully understand the gravity of the allegations being made against Jung Joon Young, who is a singer under our new label ‘Label M,’ and we consider them deeply regrettable. Therefore, we are currently in contact with Jung Joon Young, who is in the midst of working abroad, but it is still difficult for us to ascertain the truth of the matter. We apologize. However, Jung Joon Young has decided to cease all of his work abroad in order to return to Korea immediately, and he has stated that he intends to actively cooperate with police investigations as soon as he returns to the country. We would like to apologize once again for the distress caused by this unpleasant matter.

He has already been removed from ‘2 Days & 1 Night‘, Salty Tour‘, ‘4 Wheeled Restaurant, and an upcoming music festival.


As far as Highlight‘s Yong Junhyun‘s claims that he was never in the group chat, those appear to be true, but Dispatch is reporting that he knew what his friend was up to.

This is where Jung Joon Young’s private conversation with Highlight’s Yong Junhyung comes in. Yong Junhyung was never a member of any of the chatrooms, but it is suspected by Dispatch that he did know about what Jung Joon Young was doing.

Also, SBS has confirmed that he was in one-on-one convos with Jung Joon Young, and that it wasn’t related to Jung Joon Young’s past hidden camera case in 2016 and actually happened in 2015.

In response, SBS funE explained that the messages released in the report were exchanged in a one-on-one chatroom between Yong Junhyung and Jung Joon Young. However, the news outlet also clarified that the messages were actually exchanged in December 2015, which was nine months before Jung Joon Young was sued by his ex-girlfriend for making a sex video without her consent. In addition, SBS funE revealed that the female that Jung Joon Young was caught secretly filming was revealed was not his ex-girlfriend, but another female as known as “B.”

That basically dovetails with what both his company and he have said in regards to his correspondence with Jung Joon Young.

So it’s sorta like technically he may not have done anything legally wrong, but he didn’t seem all that morally concerned about what he knew was going on either. Fans can decide what to do with that reality as they wish, but to me it sure as hell is not the best reflection of his character.


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