[Review] GWSN continue to establish their core sound on “Pinky Star”

For me, the single most important thing a rookie group can accomplish during their first few releases is the establishment of a core sound. Even if their songs blur together when it comes to style and melody, an overall brand can work wonders when it comes to developing a loyal fan base. GWSN are following this advice with Pinky Star“, their first comeback after a September 2018 debut. In fact, many may criticize them for following it too slavishly.

“Pinky Star” kicks off with an instrumental loop and vocal riff that sound suspiciously like September’s “Puzzle Moon. From here, the song continues to explore GWSN’s mix of deep house beats and sugary — almost cutesy — vocals. I’m all in when it comes to the first part of that equation. Deep house is a played out trend, but it still doesn’t bother me as much as tropical house or trap. I’m less thrilled about the group’s performance style, which tends to veer too close to saccharine when it should be aim for an edgier tone to match their complex instrumentals.

As a sequel to “Puzzle Moon”, “Pinky Star” more or less equals its predecessor. Its highlight is the production, moving from nimble electronics to a more straightforward, surging club beat when the chorus hits. This variety of tempo and energy gives the track a brisk sense of movement that prevents it from growing stale. The verses are a little hesitant and forgettable, and I’m not a fan of that second verse breakdown that seems to be working its way into an increasing number of girl group releases lately. But, the song’s two-part hook is quite effective, presenting a pair of well-developed melodies that form a satisfying centerpiece.

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