Ex-Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk was key figure in the group chat, reportedly provided prostitutes for Jung Joon Young

Yuri Holdings has reportedly replaced Yoo In Suk with a new CEO, obviously due to his ongoing scandals with alleged prostitution solicitation services for investors, involvement in the Seungri/Jung Joon Young hidden camera group chat, and ties to alleged police corruption.

On March 15, a source with a high rank at Yuri Holdings revealed, “We recently held an emergency board meeting and appointed Ahn Hyo Yoon, a former consulting specialist from outside [the company], as our new CEO. As a management specialist, he will give the company a fresh start.” As a result, Yoo In Suk, who previously held the management rights of the company, has naturally resigned from his position. Regarding the former CEO undergoing questioning at the police station, the source said, “We do not now much about his personal matters. He’s been feeling a lot of pressure about work at the company ever since he got caught up in such disgraceful incidents and had to go through the police investigation.”

Yuri Holdings doesn’t know him anymore, I guess.

Perhaps uncoincidentally, a day later SBS 8 O’Clock News reported on his role in the chat room as one of the ring leaders with Seungri and Jung Joon Young.

During the broadcast, SBS stated, “The key figures in the chatroom are Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and CEO Yoo of Yuri Holdings. Yoo In Suk, who is known for being Seungri’s business partner, has been revealed to be friendly with a police chief. The fact that his actual role was being the problem solver [of the group] has come to light.” According to the report, Yoo In Suk gave out various instructions to “prepare women” in the chatroom, and stated in 2015 while preparing a Christmas party, “We’re the ones making the ‘The Great Gatsby’ film. Let’s call all the girls we know that day. To the point where there aren’t any girls left in the clubs.” Choi Jong Hoon and other members of the chatroom also referred to Yoo In Suk as “CEO Yoo,” revealing his powerful position even among the other members. He was also revealed to have helped cover up news of Choi Jong Hoon’s drunk driving incident back in 2016. When SBS met with Yoo In Suk before the broadcast aired, he stated, “The contents [of the chatroom] were overblown due to my younger friends’ desires to show off. It’s definitely not true.” His position changed, however, when he admitted during his police investigation held on March 14 that he had contacted a senior superintendent officer.

Then later it was revealed by KBS News 9 that he was involved in acquiring prostitutes as a gift to Jung Joon Young.

The March 15 broadcast of KBS1’s “KBS News 9” included a report on Yoo In Suk, who recently underwent police questioning for allegations of providing prostitute services for business investors. He is known for being Seungri’s business partner, and he has been named as the “problem solver” in the group chatroom that also includes Seungri, Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and four other individuals. KBS shared recreated screenshots of a conversation between Yoo In Suk and Jung Joon Young from December 25, 2015 (Christmas day).

Jung Joon Young: “My address is Unit XXX, Complex XXX, Geumho-dong, Seoul. Do I just send them back after I’m done?”
CEO Yoo : “Yeah. Hahaha.”
Jung Joon Young: “Cool. They must be some expensive b**ches.
CEO Yoo: “Yeah, they are.”
Jung Joon Young: “Okay, cool. Are they coming now?”
CEO Yoo: “Yeah. They’ll be there within 30 minutes.”
(30 minutes later)
Jung Joon Young: “Hyung, why aren’t my gifts here yet? Hahaha.”

Speaking of Jung Joon Young, he later talked about having sex with prostitutes in Germany with CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun, which could be a problem for him.

In a conversation from April 7, 2016, Jung Joon Young also told CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun that he had met prostitutes in Berlin and had sex. He told him that the women there were good and explained that many were Romanian.

Jung Joon Young: “Berlin is so much fun. I had a good time with the prostitutes here.”
Lee Jonghyun: “You’re crazy. Hahaha. Did you sleep with them?”
Jung Joon Young: “Yeah. The women aren’t bad here. A lot of them are Romanian.”

KBS news stated that in addition to charges of the filming and sharing of illicit videos, Jung Joon Young may also be investigated for prostitution. South Korea’s law for criminal jurisdiction follows the nationality principle, meaning that its nationals can be prosecuted for crimes such as sex tourism committed abroad.

Well, add that to the enormous list of potential crimes Jung Joon Young could be charged with.

Though I think the main point of revealing all this — besides providing an outline to what crimes Yoo In Suk may be charged with — is to ask questions about exactly who he is and who he knows, especially now that we know he had connections with the police.


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