Seungri reportedly knew about the minor whose entrance into Burning Sun is central to police bribery scandal + accused of using drugs

Following Seungri’s recently released defense, according to a recently released report he now has even more on his plate aside from allegations of involvement in providing prostitution, police corruption, tax evasion, illegal gambling, and the Jung Joon Young group chats.

MBC Newsdesk reported on phone conversations it obtained regarding a minor that was allowed into Burning Sun back in July of 2018. Burning Sun was facing a potential suspension of business at the time, but the police didn’t investigate and the case was closed, which has now been connected to alleged bribes paid through a former police officer who was recently arrested.

According to the report, the mother of a student called the police saying that her son, who was a minor born in January 2000, had entered Burning Sun in the early morning of July 7. Burning Sun was facing the threat of suspension of business. The case was forwarded to the prosecutor’s office with the suggestion of non-indictment about a month later. The police who arrived at the club did not investigate the student who had entered Burning Sun, and the case was closed due to lack of evidence. MBC reports that in order to cover up this incident, Burning Sun CEO Lee Sung Hyun paid former police officer Kang 20 million won (approximately $17,704) with police currently investigating suspicions that part of this money was sent to the team in charge of investigating the case.

That is generally not new information and just provides further detail. However, the transcript from a phone conversation between the CEO of Burning Sun at the time Lee Sung Hyun and the Mr. Lee who allegedly delivered the money to the police mentions Seungri’s knowledge of events.

About three months later in early November of 2018, a phone conversation took place between Burning Sun CEO Lee Sung Hyun and Mr. Lee who delivered the money. In the recording of the phone call, Mr. Lee said, “While drinking soju, talks about [redacted] Hotel came up and the club…” and CEO Lee Sung Hyun continued, “It seems someone directly contacted Seungri.” Mr. Lee said, “Since the person directly involved in the report is Seungri, he probably knew.” Lee Sung Hyun said “Yeah, [Seungri] was contacted about two times,” confirming that Seungri was informed about the entry of the underage customer into the club.

That’s significant not necessarily because he knew about minors being allowed in, but because Seungri has claimed ignorance about the shadier parts of Burning Sun by saying he wasn’t involved in the day-to-day, and this raises questions about how unconnected he was.

Seungri’s lawyer responded to this report by saying Seungri had heard about the minors vaguely but that him and the former CEO did not report to each other, which effectively distances Seungri from any knowledge of the alleged bribes.

Regarding this, a source from Seungri’s legal representative said, “Seungri heard that something like this had happened after the incident had occurred. Lee Sung Hyun and Seungri are not in a relationship where they report to each other.” “Newsdesk” stated that the police is analyzing the phone call recording and investigating Seungri under suspicions of interfering with the case of entry of a minor.

We shall see what this turns up, but Seungri has added alleged interference with police work to the pile of shit he’s facing now.

Anyway, the problem with this was not only the minors being allowed in, as that obviously happens with clubs — though now knowing what was going on in the club does make it especially gross — but it’s more about any potential ties to the police corruption stuff.


Furthermore, according to a report by TV Chosun, a witness has come forward alleging that Seungri used drugs.

TV Chosun has reported that the police have received a testimony from a source at the club Burning Sun that stated that Seungri took drugs. The outlet reports that Seungri was privately summoned for questioning regarding this on March 18. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s metropolitan investigation unit has begun an investigation on whether or not the testimony is factual. TV Chosun describes that the police sees the testimony as credible. However, as it lacks concrete details about time and location, they are having trouble confirming it. Seungri has denied allegations of drug use and a drug test that he took when he voluntarily submitted himself for examination on February 27 came out negative. With the addition of this testimony, it appears that the investigation into allegations of drug use is resuming. The police plans to continue to question Seungri.

Seungri’s side had previously made a big show about him testing negative for drugs when that’s not at all what people care about, but I guess we’re gonna do this.

For me, the whole legal versus moral thing applies here as well. Legally, the police have to investigate and may eventually bust him on this, but even if they do, unless it connects with something else going on I don’t care all that much about his personal drug use. The far bigger story remains any direct involvement on Seungri’s part in what is shaping up to be quite a big mess at Burning Sun.


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