Grace (‘Unpretty Rapstar’) opens up about 2 instances of being sexually assaulted, including once by a famous male idol

Grace, who in the past starred on ‘Unpretty Rapstar‘ and honestly made some solid songs, has become more famous likely for becoming a YouTuber. In her most recent video, inspired by recent events in the news, Grace opened up about being sexually harassed by a male idol.

She talks about two different instances and they are both terrible. Still I feel like it’s a quality watch because both wittingly and unwittingly she really takes you through the internal blame that victims feel before even having to face the public victim blaming.

She’s aware of a lot of the blaming stuff and describes that, but also it sucks to see her feeling like she has to justify her role in her own sexual assaults by talking about her background, saying she was naive and innocent, and that at least it wasn’t rape and things of that nature. Of course, that’s not a criticism, but it just shows she still clearly fears what people might say about her story even now, which again is terrible since it’s obviously not the victim’s fault.

As the Burning Sun controversy becomes a national scandal, it’s quite reflective of society that almost nobody is surprised and women in the industry who have more freedom of expression are either overtly or subtly hinting that what’s going on isn’t rare.


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