Police will investigate information revealed by the Burning Sun scandal episode of ‘We Want To Know’

The ‘We Want To Know’ episode on the Burning Sun scandal tied in sexual assault, police corruption, prostitution, drugs, tax evasion, and organized crime, bringing forth a lot of new information and allegations.

And just as an update, SBS 8 O’Clock News reported a couple days ago that police will investigate the matters that were revealed on the show, with emphasis being placed on the alleged money laundering for organized crime and the Madam Lin figure.

Probably not the best look for authorities (whether incompetent or corrupt) that it took investigative journalists to get everybody from Burning Sun employees to Burning Sun guests to anonymous informants to Madam Lin’s manager to the ex-cop Mr. Kang to talk with them and reveal all this, so investigating it now is probably the minimum they could do.


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