Hara admits to eyelid surgery but says it was for blepharoptosis, which … uh, alright

Hara recently posted pictures on Instagram in which her eyes looked quite different. When a netizen pointed this out, she replied by admitting to a procedure but says it was for blepharoptosis (sagging eyelids).

On March 31, Goo Hara shared selfies she took backstage at the Japanese fashion festival Tokyo Girls Collection, and a netizen left a comment suggesting that she got double eyelid surgery. Goo Hara replied to the comment saying, “Is it a sin to get [surgery for] blepharoptosis?”

Later, she posted a statement about it.

I was mentally hurt by the malicious comments I’ve been receiving while promoting from a young age. There’s a reason for getting [surgery for] blepharoptosis despite my young age. The discomfort in my right eye is one reason that I’m trying to take care of myself. But now, for my own sake, I think I should say that I’m confident when I feel confident about something. I have never thought about taking action against malicious comments. I am also someone who is living diligently every day. No matter what I look like, I hope you will look at me nicely at least once. I will work hard and promote hard as someone who takes responsibility through their behavior! Don’t catch a cold.

I mean I don’t really care, especially with everything she’s been through recently, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to believe blepharoptosis was the motivator here.


Now she looks even more like a cross between Amuro Namie and Nozomi Sasaki.



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