[Update] Agencies of Kangin, Jung Jinwoon, Lee Chul Woo respond to alleged involvement in Jung Joon Young molka group chats

While it seemed rather obvious who were being rumored as involved with the Jung Joon Young molka group chats when they talked about the cast of ‘Hitmaker‘, now their agencies are officially addressing things. Super Junior‘s Kangin, 2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon, and model Lee Chul Woo are currently the three under suspicion as Singer K, Singer J, and Model L in Jung Joon Young’s group chat.

Label SJ admitted Kangin was in a chat, but says he didn’t send or film any molka and is not being looked at by police.

Hello, this is Label SJ’s statement regarding Kangin. It is true that he was temporarily in a chatroom with Jung Joon Young when starring in a variety show with him. The program was three years ago, so the chatroom no longer exists. Although he cannot remember what other cast members posted or had conversations about, Kangin says that he himself did not film or share illegal hidden camera footage at all. He has not been contacted by an [investigative] agency in regards to this, but if a request for cooperation is made, he will actively cooperate.

Meanwhile, Lee Chul Woo’s Esteem Entertainment and Jung Jinwoon’s Mystic89 have said they are looking into it but have not made an official statement yet.

Lee Chul Woo’s agency responded to the accusations, stating that they can’t make an official statement as of yet as they are still currently looking into the situation. “Nothing has been confirmed from our side, so we’re unsure. We’re looking into it but we haven’t made an official statement.” — Esteem Entertainment

Jung Jinwoon’s agency also responded with a similar statement. They explained that it’s difficult to get in touch with Jinwoon who is currently still in the military’s training program. They have not gotten in touch with him yet. “It’s going to take us a longer time than expected to get the truth since Jinwoon is in the military. He’s still in training, so it’s hard for us to get in contact with him. ‘We’re unsure if he was friends with [Jung Joon Young] personally outside of filming.” — Mystic89

As we wait for the other two to make statements, it’s possible that Kangin didn’t send molka pictures or video himself, but just being in that group chat is obviously a problem considering what was going on in them. Still, for now, I’m not quite sure whether he’s admitting to the show group chat with the producers or one with just the cast.


Lee Chul Woo has denied being a part of the Jung Joon Young’s molka group chat.

Regarding the current reports from some media outlets surrounding suspicions of Lee Chul Woo’s involvement in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom, we want to clearly state that Lee Chul Woo was not included in any chatroom that issues are being raised about. Lee Chul Woo himself has not filmed or shared illegal hidden camera footage. Additionally, he has not been contacted by any related [investigative] agency in regards to this. Three years ago in 2016, during the filming of JTBC’s variety show “Hitmaker,” Lee Chul Woo and Jung Joon Young were part of a chatroom made for the purpose of sharing schedules with all of the cast and staff of the program. However, the chatroom was deleted after the conclusion of the show. We respectfully request that [media outlets] refrain from speculative reports completely unrelated to the truth.


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