Police say Choi Jong Hoon admitted to attempting to bribing police, group chat members testify he actually made 3 offers

Choi Jong Hoon is already facing charges of distribution of illegal footage and filming of molka, but he was also booked for attempting to bribe a police officer after his drunk driving incident in 2016. Police now say Choi Jong Hoon has admitted to attempting the bribery, notably with other members of the group chat testifying that he made three attempts to do so with increasing monetary value.

On April 4, a source from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency stated that Choi Jong Hoon admitted to telling a police officer, “I’ll give you money, so let this pass,” when he was caught drunk driving in February 2016. The police also revealed that some members of the KakaoTalk group chat with Jung Joon Young testified that they heard that Choi Jong Hoon offered 2 million won (approximately $1,762), then 5 million won (approximately $4,406), and then 10 million won (approximately $8,811) to a police officer as if he was bargaining with him. The police officer from Yongsan Police Station who was in charge of Choi Jong Hoon’s drunk driving incident in 2016 previously stated that Choi Jong Hoon had offered him 2 million won (approximately $1,762) and that he rejected the offer. At the time, Choi Jong Hoon was found drunk driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.097 percent. The police suspended his license and charged a fine of 2.5 million won (approximately $2,203), but he was not charged with manifesting a will to deliver a bribe. The incident ended without press coverage.

Of course, you’ll notice that the responding officer only admitted to hearing the lower end of the bribe offer, which raises questions about what happened beyond that. After all Choi Jong Hoon was punished for the DUI, but any explanations for how he managed to keep this out of the press is still in question, and it’s more than fair to be skeptical with such wide-ranging police corruption investigations ongoing.


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