Hwang Hana arrested on drug charges, also alleged to have shared molka videos

A couple days ago, it was reported that Hwang Hana (better known as Yoochun‘s ex-fiance in K-pop circles) allegedly used and distributed drugs, but because of her chaebol ties (Namyang Dairy Products), she was not punished for her actions. Well after that story blew up, now police have arrested her on drug charges.

On April 4, Hwang Ha Na was arrested by the Drug Investigation Unit of the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency for charges of injecting psychoactive drugs last year. The police arrested Hwang Ha Na from the Bundang Seoul National University Hospital. The Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency has been investigating Hwang Ha Na on suspicions of drug use since last year based on a testimony they secured from Hwang Ha Na’s acquaintance. During their investigation, the police requested a search and seize warrant and an arrest warrant for Hwang Ha Na, but both requests were dismissed by the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office.

The usage is one thing, but hopefully they will look into the more serious issue of her allegedly distributing.

Additionally, the police will open yet another corruption probe, connected to her supposedly receiving preferential treatment.

Following the reports, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Intellectual Crime Investigation Team began an internal investigation to uncover alleged corruption within the force.

But things get worse, as she is also alleged to have participated in spreading molka videos, and that she used them to make threats.

On April 3, news outlet CBS No Cut News reported that an online user shared on social media after receiving information about four different instances of Hwang Ha Na sharing illegally taken videos. The online user also revealed the messages exchanged between one of the whistleblowers and a person identified as Hwang Ha Na as proof. According to the report, the whistleblower said, “[Hwang Ha Na] would randomly send a video of someone [I] don’t know like that sometimes. She would get excited all by herself if I reacted to it.” The whistleblower no longer has videos in possession but said that a woman who seemed like she was drugged was dancing naked in one of the videos. The online user stated, “[Hwang Ha Na] threatened many people with sex videos, but I’m not sure where she got these from. Based on the tips I received, there are at least four victims.”

As far as we know, this is unrelated to the ongoing group chat molka investigation stemming from Jung Joon Young/Seungri/Choi Jong Hoon, but sounds like it could be every bit as bad.


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