Roy Kim & Eddy Kim admit to spreading illegal pics + Choi Jong Hoon admits to taking illegal footage & is being accused of rape

Following reports of their involvement in the Jung Joon Young molka group chat, police have now revealed that Roy Kim and Eddy Kim admitted to spreading illegal pictures, while Choi Jong Hoon has admitted to taking illegal footage in addition to sharing illegal footage.

On April 11, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s provincial special detective division revealed at a press conference that Choi Jong Hoon will be forwarded to prosecutors on charges of sharing one personally taken illegal footage and five other footage from other sources, thus violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes. Roy Kim and Eddy Kim will also be forwarded to the prosecution for sharing illegally taken photos. They admitted to sharing photos that they downloaded from the internet in the group chatroom, but not to filming photos or videos.

It was also revealed that cases on five people, including Mr. Kim, were forwarded to prosecution.

A total of five people were forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office, including Mr. Kim, a former MD (promoter) of Club Arena that was part of the group chatroom, for filming and spreading illegal footage.

So all that’s obviously terrible enough as it is, but now it’s being reported that Choi Jong Hoon is being accused of drugging and raping a woman back in 2012.

According to reporting on April 11, person “A” claims to have met Choi Jong Hoon in the U.S. in March 2012 and after drinking a cocktail he handed to her, she says she lost consciousness and was then sexually assaulted. According to “A,” she believes Choi Jong Hoon used the date rape drug Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate (GHB). “A” is currently in the process of filing a complaint against Choi Jong Hoon, and she states that she gained the courage to inform people of her story and get an apology from Choi Jong Hoon after the case of hidden camera footage being filmed and uploaded to group chatrooms came to the surface.

Choi Jong Hoon’s lawyer released a response.

Choi Jong Hoon’s lawyer spoke up about the new allegations and said, “We filed a complaint on charges of blackmail two weeks ago to the Seoul Eastern District Prosecutor’s Office against a woman who was threatening him [Choi Jong Hoon] with false information,” and “The case was forwarded to the Seongdong Police Station, and we believe the details will be revealed in the investigation.” They continued to state, “We spoke with Choi Jong Hoon and he stated that though he it was true that he met the woman in question in the U.S., he has no memory of raping her. Not only did he not know what GHB was, but we believe these charges were brought up based on recent events to threaten him.” When asked how the two met, the legal team responded with, “They met through an acquaintance,” and they stated they heard nothing from Choi Jong Hoon regarding any sexual intercourse between the two.

So his side says that not only did he not drug and rape her, but he didn’t know what GHB was and that they haven’t even heard anything about them having sexual intercourse. Furthermore, they have filed charges of blackmail against the accuser already.

In a vacuum, we don’t know enough about this case yet to make judgment. Though I don’t think his explanation actually helps his believability and it’s obviously reasonable if one lacks confidence in the truthfulness or morality of an individual who has admitted to crimes involving the molka group chat already.


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