BLACKPINK shine during their Coachella set at the festival’s first weekend (and day)

In case you hadn’t heard, BLACKPINK was previously announced to be playing at both weekends of Coachella, and they recently completed their 50-minute set at the festival, which honestly is basically everything they have.

Overall, I thought they did great. Despite whatever misgivings I have about individual songs, most were elevated by the involvement of a live band, and they impressed with their performance quality. Other than technical aspects though, I more enjoyed how they seemed to really be having fun and letting loose a bit, especially during moments of crowd interaction.


“Kill This Love” & “Solo”

“Don’t Know What To Do”

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” & “Forever Young”

Bonus of Jennie clearly screaming at least one “BITCH naneun solo“.

Rose‘s accent and (natural) speaking voice are so hot.

They also seemed to be having fun during the festival itself.

For the whole thing, you can scroll back the livestream to find BLACKPINK’s performances.


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