New Jung Joon Young’s group chats shows members disparaging comfort women, describing raping a woman

As the fallout from Jung Joon Young‘s molka group chats continues, it was reported that his phone had contained videos of women being raped and that a member of the group chat had gotten booked for rape. Well new logs show group chat members talking about comfort women in a disparaging manner and also describing drugging and raping women.

T: Our poor X and Y (names of two women someone had sex with).
K: S had sex with X and Y yesterday, how was it?
T: Give me X and Y’s phone number.
K: X and Y are like comfort women.

Jung Joon Young: I’m about to get on the plane.
K: Wow I’ll miss you, really.
Jung Joon Young: Haha, when I go I’m still going to have sex with Korean women, I’ll call them to my place and do it there and then go out. German bitches’ butts are huge.
P: Come back safely.
K: German vaginas smell like sausages.
Jung Joon Young: It’s not too bad, lol. It will be exciting.

Jung Joon Young: She’s also legendarily bad.
P: XX’s vagina smell.
Jung Joon Young: She also does drugs.
K: She’s ascended to bitch status. You have my respect, little bro, getting with XX.
P: After feeding her sleeping pills, I did it in her asshole, did it in her vagina, did it in her asshole again, and then finished in her mouth.

P: It’s XX. No one, leak that stuff.
K: Okay.
P: Really. Only I am supposed to have those. If it leaks, then I am going to be the asshole again.
K: Is XX’s vagina hairy?
P: Nope, when having sex with XX she is sexier than anyone else.
K: Do it again with XX.

Can’t imagine comparing women they treat like sub-human sex toys being compared to victims of Japanese imperial sexual slavery is going to go over well. Unreal.

As far as the sleeping pills stuff goes, I can’t see a scenario where a woman is plied with sleeping pills and then consents to a sexual encounter, so that’s just rape at that point. Given the reports about what is on Jung Joon Young’s phone, I suppose one shouldn’t be surprised that group chat members were bragging about it, but it’s still kinda surprising to see it mentioned like it’s just another day.


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