Hello Venus reportedly disband, Fantagio denies by saying they’re in discussions, which usually means it’s over

In groups-that-you-didn’t-know-weren’t-already-disbanded news, it’s being reported that Hello Venus is done after their contracts expired.

On April 18th it was shared that girl group HELLO VENUS will be disbanding following contract expirations that will end in May following their 7-year career debuting in 2012. The members will pursue individual career paths as actresses and singers. HELLO VENUS made their debut in 2012 under both Fantagio and Pledis later becoming a sole entity of Fantagio in 2014 with Yoo Ara and Yoonjo leaving the group to remain in Pledis. The group made their last comeback in January of 2017 with title track “Mysterious”. Though the group was not able to make a breakthrough, members were able to create names in the industry for themselves individually. Members Nara and Yooyoung have been able to create names for themselves in the entertainment world through their acting and variety appearances.

Fantagio themselves denied that it’s done, but they gave the standards still in discussions excuse.

Fantagio is denying reports of a disbandment sharing the members of HELLO VENUS are discussing renewals.

I mean … okay. But that is the gold standard of responses when the contract isn’t technically over yet but is about to be soon with no plans of renewal.

Not that it really matters since they haven’t had a comeback since January of 2017 and there isn’t any indication they’re working on a comeback now. God knows I doubt Nara wants to go back to girl group life and have it sidetrack her acting stuff.

So basically it’s over, which is a shame but has been a long time coming. People forget, but they got off to quite the solid start in 2012 and 2013, but after Pledis Entertainment and Fantagio pulled the plug on their collab it was all downhill from there.


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