Yoochun reportedly caught purchasing & picking up drugs, he claims payment was Hwang Hana’s request & didn’t know it was for drugs + his lawyer responds

Police had recently reportly found evidence of Yoochun‘s drug involvement with Hwang Hana after he himself held a press conference denying any drug use (much less with Hwang Hana) and requested to be investigated.

Things quickly went from bad to worse, as 11 police officers searched and seized his home, car, and cell. Then it was reported that police have video of Yoochun going to purchase drugs and picking them up.

On the April 17 broadcast of MBC’s “Newsdesk,” it was reported that police secured CCTV footage of Park Yoochun purchasing drugs. According to MBC, police found evidence of Park Yoochun purchasing the drugs using the so-called “throwing method.” This is a method in which the buyer wires money to the drug dealer’s bank account and the drug dealer hides the drugs in a designated location for the buyer to find. Through this procedure, the buyer and the drug dealer do not meet face-to-face. It was reported that CCTV footage of Park Yoochun paying forthe drugs through a wire transfer, arriving at the location where the drugs were hidden, and retrieving the drugs was found.

Police have also confirmed that they have already obtained and analyzed the details of phone calls from the day of the drug transaction.

There were apparently also multiple incidents of this.

The CCTV footage reportedly shows Park Yoochun paying for the drugs through a wire transfer, arriving at the location where the drugs were hidden, and retrieving the drugs was found. MBC further reported that the footage was from two incidents, one in February in Hannam-dong and one in March in Yeoksam-dong.

Furthermore, his drug test may have been tampered with due to waxing.

It was also reported that Park Yoochun arrived at the police station for questioning on April 17 after removing most of the hair on his body. Because the leftover substance of drugs in the hair of the head disappears through frequent dyeing, police usually test a person’s body hair. Although police suspect he did this to tamper with evidence, Park Yoochun’s representatives explained, “He usually waxes in preparation for concert schedules.”

In response to all this, Yoochun’s lawyer released a statement about the CCTV footage.

There can be a difference in the police’s and Park Yoochun’s stances regarding the situation. The CCTV footage shown at the police station thus far is content that Park Yoochun can explain. As the police investigation is ongoing, we ask for your understanding about not being able reveal further details.

Meanwhile, Yoochun acknowledges that it’s him and that he wired the money, but blamed Hwang Hana.

When questioned by the police about this footage, Park Yoochun said that it was him in the footage but that he had wired the money only at Hwang Ha Na’s request. He denied knowing at the time that it was a drug transaction.

He also addressed the marks on his hand, saying he had recently cut them.

The police also asked him about the marks on his hand that were caught on the video, which reportedly looked like needle marks and bruises. Park Yoochun responded that he had injured his hand on a sharp object and that it was unrelated to drugs.

And also refuted notions that the waxing had anything to do with drugs.

“Park Yoochun has been waxing parts of his body on a regular basis since his days of active promotion in the past. The police have already taken a sufficient amount of hair from his unwaxed legs and from his head, and sent it to the National Forensic Service for examination.” – Park Yoo Chun’s lawyer

Later on, his lawyer released a more complete statement refuting parts of the MBC report.

In regards to problems with the content of the “Newsdesk” report, the first issue is that it was reported that CCTV footage in March from the inside of a quiet commercial building in the neigborhood of Yeoksam shows him with an object that is presumed to be drugs. However, this is something that has not been asked about even once during the police’s investigation process so far. It is clearly false reporting to state that the police are doing a close enquiry on something that hasn’t even been asked about during questioning. Secondly, it was reported that there was a needle mark on the back of Park Yoochun’s hand. However, his hand was injured a few months prior, and there are wounds not only on the back of his hand but also on his little finger. In addition, the back of his hand was something verified during the police’s questioning process, and this does not appear in the CCTV footage. There are considerable issues in the report. As Park Yoochun’s legal representative, I state that we plan to request that MBC make corrections on their report in regards to the reports of false information.

Okay, so there’s a lot to process here.

Essentially, there’s reportedly evidence of Yoochun paying for and picking up drugs. During questioning, Yoochun reportedly acknowledged that he wired money and picked up a package, but says he wired money at the request of Hwang Hana and didn’t know he was picking up drugs. His lawyer claimed that the video police have shown them thus far have been able to be explained (no word on whether saying that he didn’t know about the drugs counts) and that police have yet to ask about one of the incidents. In terms of his hands having marks, which is suspected to be from drug use, he claimed that he cut his hand and his lawyer says police acknowledge that reason. Additionally, he’s facing suspicions that any hair test for drugs may have been tampered with as he just happened to wax himself, but he claims that for concert prep.

Unless the report is proven false and none of the story is accurate, it’s hard to believe that Yoochun paid for and picked up drugs but was an innocent person caught in the middle of Hwang Hana’s orders or something. Maybe I could understand one or the other, but both along with him coincidentally waxing himself and what not? We can afford to wait this out since it’s still developing, but it’s not looking great.


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