Woman says she was raped by a molka group chat member at gathering attended by Seungri, Roy Kim, Yoo In Suk

Following a woman stepping forward and giving her account of a gang rape that allegedly happened at the hands of Jung Joon Young, Choi Jong Hoon, and three others, another woman has stepped forward to say she was raped by a member of the group chat at a gathering held abroad that was attended by other group chat members like Seungri, Roy Kim, and Yoo In Suk.

In 2016, Lee was invited to a gathering by a friend who was acquainted with Seungri. The gathering was held abroad, and it included group chatroom members such as Seungri, Roy Kim, and former Yuri Holdings CEO Yoo In Suk. SBS shared a chatroom conversation in which Seungri told others, “Eight have been recruited,” and a member with the surname Park replied, “Wow, great.” Although Lee did not know the men at the gathering, she was invited along with female friends and she agreed because she was told that there would be separate lodgings for the women. She explained to SBS that the lodgings for the women required a key code to enter, so only the women could get in. SBS reports that the attendees gathered in the living room of the men’s lodgings for dinner and they drank together. However, Lee shortly lost consciousness, even though she describes herself as someone with a high alcohol tolerance. Her female friends that she’d gone to the gathering with laid her down on the floor of a room next to the living room. However, her friends found her the next morning on a bed in another room. “There was another room attached through a bathroom,” Lee explained. “They didn’t find me in the place where I’d been lying down, they found me in the opposite room.” When she was found, her clothes had been removed. She described that when she opened her eyes, her friends were yelling at her to come to her senses, and even though they pinched and hit her, she didn’t get up. “They said they spent half an hour trying to wake me up,” she said. “They were slapping me on the cheeks and pinching me on the thighs, stomach, and arms.” She ended up going into the women’s lodgings and went back to sleep.

So the alleged victim says that she went to a party, had a drink, and lost consciousness, later describing symptoms of being drugged as friends tried to revive her.

Now she’s coming forward three years later after seeing the group chats being publicized.

SBS describes that it was three years later, when the chatroom conversations were released, that she finally found out what had happened to her after she lost consciousness. A non-celebrity member of the chatroom described by the surname Kim filmed a scene of the sexual assault and shared it with others. Choi Jong Hoon replied that the video was short, and another video was sent by Kim. Choi Jong Hoon replied, “What the, she’s passed out.” Kim replied, “So what if she is?” Jung Joon Young sent the message “It was rape” with symbols of laughter.

Notably, this victim was allegedly the part of the chat that was revealed back on March 12, so it seems they are matching victims with the group chat convos now. She’s also supposedly one of the people that came forward to tell her story before.

Despite them seeming to acknowledge she was raped, the alleged victim never got an apology and the Mr. Kim that is being fingered as the perpetrator says the sex was consensual, while Seungri’s reps have claimed he didn’t know about this but also he can’t remember cause it was a long time ago.

Lee has never received an apology from anyone in the chatroom. On the contrary, Kim stated during police questioning that while he admitted to illicit filming, the sex was consensual. Seungri’s representative has stated that Seungri didn’t know at the time that this had happened, and since it was a long time ago, he does not recall it.

I mean it’s not like people are asking him to remember what he ate. Recalling the time you were at a party/gathering and one of your friends raped a woman and posted it in the group chat for lulz seems like something you’d be able to recall unless it was commonplace.

As for why she came forward now, it’s about making sure it doesn’t happen to others.

Lee explained why she decided to draw the courage to give her testimony as a victim. “If this person goes free, they will think that the law is easy, and someone else will be the target of their crimes,” she said. “I also never thought that I would experience this. Anyone could become a [victim]. It could be my younger sister too. I hope that there will be no more victims, and I thought that I needed to speak out so that he receives that level of punishment.”

For their part, police have reportedly confirmed that the victim was the woman in the video that was shared in the group chat and the Mr. Kim is being charged with quasi-rape.

The police have confirmed that Lee is the woman in the video, and they have forwarded Kim to the prosecution on suspicions of quasi-rape (sexual intercourse where the perpetrator takes advantage of the victim being unconscious or unable to resist). SBS states that it appears there will need to be a further investigation to determine if drugs were used, due to her sudden loss of consciousness.

Feel like it’s definitely going to be hard for Mr. Kim to convince anybody that what he did was consensual when even the group chat identified what he did as rape.


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