Actor Son Seung Won sentenced to 18 months for attempted hit-and-run on a suspended license after 4th DUI

Back in December of last year, Son Seung Won caused an accident while driving drunk enough to get his license suspended … which it would’ve been if it wasn’t already for another incident.Now he’s received his sentence for dangerous driving, drunk driving, and driving without a license, which will be 18 months in jail.

On April 11, the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho District gave Son Seung Won his sentence after arresting him for dangerous driving under the Additional Punishment Law on Specific Crimes and violating the Road Traffic Act by driving drunk and without a license. The judge Hong Ki Chan said, “The defendant has already been fined for two incidents of drunk driving. Despite not taking care of the accident after the DUI incident last August 3, he was indicted again for driving drunk without a license and fleeing after causing an accident on December 26.” He continued, “As he did not take responsibility for the car accident despite causing injury and damage to the victims, and since he claimed to the police that his junior who was a passenger was the driver, the nature of his crime is not good. Although the Yoon Chang Ho Law could not be applied to him fleeing after the accident, I cannot overlook the revised law, and after consideration of the social atmosphere that punishment for drunk driving should be more severe, he will receive a sentence of one year and six months.”

I mean when you’re on your fourth DUI, cause an accident, try to flee the scene and have people chase you down, then try to pin it on your passenger, you’re probably a danger to public health. Still though, I’m not sure anything gets changed unless the likely underlying alcoholism gets addressed.


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