AAA’s Urata Naoya arrested for allegedly assaulting woman after she rejected his advances

Urata Naoya, leader and lead vocalist of popular co-ed Avex group AAA, has reportedly been arrested by police over allegedly assaulting a female convenience store customer after asking her out and being given the cold shoulder.

At around 5:30 am on April 19, he reportedly slapped the left cheek of a woman in her 20s at a convenience store in Chuo Ward. According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Urata told a woman who was shopping at the store, “Do you want to drink together?” “I’m a member of AAA, don’t you know?” When the woman answered “I don’t know”, she was hit by Urata. At that time, Urata was reportedly drunk. Urata has denied the charges, “I do not remember.” The Metropolitan Police Department is currently investigating the details of the case. According to Avex, his affiliated office, “the facts are currently being confirmed.”

So it’s still a developing story, but it’s not hard to imagine this happening since it has unfortunately gone down so much before. A celebrity thinks he’s entitled to women and responds with violence when he finds out not everybody wants him. The assault is obviously terrible, but boy this is revealing as to his core nature.


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