Photographer Rotta sentenced to jail for sexually harassing a model

Way back in February of last year, controversial photographer Rotta was accused of sexually harassing one of his models as a part of the wave of Me Too accusations and now he’s been found guilty and sentenced to jail time.

On April 17, photographer Rotta (Choi Won Seok), who was charged for suspicions of sexually harassing a model, received a prison sentence of eight months by the Seoul Western District Court and was immediately taken into custody. He was also sentenced with 80 hours of educational sessions regarding sexual violence as well as a three-year employment restriction in any work related to children and youth.

His argument was essentially that the consent was implicit. At the time, I noted what a shitty defense that was considering many of the Me Too cases were about the victim being pressured, and the court eventually ruled against him due to his changing stories.

The court of justice stated, “His initial testimony was that there was no form of sexual harassment, but then he changed his statement during the prosecution investigation saying that there was physical contact with the victim’s consent. However, the victim’s testimonies have been consistent.”

Rotta, for some reason, followed with a statement complaining about the sentence.

I am sad to hear about an outcome that is different from the truth that I know. That friend (the victim), contacted me first after I took the photos for her. I think that friend is doing this to help strengthen her position in the industry.

Actually kinda surprised that the courts sided with her in a case that seemingly lacked any third-party testimony or physical evidence, but it makes sense cause none of his explanations or excuses could make anybody think he wasn’t being creepy about it.


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