Me Too makes way into Korean music, also hits Rotta & Sun Woo Jae Duk, while Choi Yul asks for threats to stop

Honestly, at this point it’s hard to even make individual posts about the ongoing sexual abuse scandals in Korean entertainment unless it’s like a gigantic figure or a resolution. Says a lot about the scale of the Me Too movement that it essentially necessitates a roundup.


The accusations of sexual harassment have made their way over to the music industry now as well, with a prominent drummer being accused.

The musician named is still technically anonymous, but based on netizen comments, the overwhelming consensus appears to be that it’s Nam Goong Yeon. No response to this has yet been made.


Photographer Rotta is facing sexual harassment allegations as well from a model.

She stated that she was an ordinary university student when Rotta first approached her through social media to be his model five years ago. She recalled, “[Rotta] told me to bite his fingers. He claimed that he had asked other models to do the same thing before. He kept caressing me.” She left the studio when Rotta did not stop his advances despite her refusal. She added that Rotta took explicit photos of her entire body, unlike his initial promise to not capture anything below her shoulders. The model mentioned that Rotta continued to send her messages after the photo shoot which read, “I couldn’t resist as you were too beautiful.” When she requested for Rotta to delete the photos, he replied, “How can I delete them when they are so beautiful?”

Rotta responded by denying any wrongdoing, saying that no issues were raised at the time.

Rotta denied any wrongdoing and stated, “I asked the model for her consent during the photo shoot and there were no questions raised at that time.”

Uh … that’s not the best defense when a consistent theme within many of these accounts is that the offender has pressured the victim.

Seems most likely to me that Rotta has ended up making my loose comparison of him to Terry Richardson unfortunately accurate.


Actor Sun Woo Jae Duk has been accused of sexual harassment in an online post.

The user gave a detailed account of actor Sun Woo Jae Duk allegedly sexually harassing her at a karaoke room and forcing a kiss on her. The user further claimed that the actor kept contacting her even after she moved to a different workplace.

Sun Woo Jae Duk has responded by saying the claim is false and has threatened legal action.

Sun Woo Jae Duk’s legal representative stated, “It is not true at all. After checking with the actor, we were able to confirm that [the reports] are false. We are planning to take legal action against the writer of the post and the media outlets that [spread the rumors].”

Not sure where this goes from here, but based on recent cases like this, his denial doesn’t mean much.


Actress Choi Yul, who identified Jo Jae Hyun as the unnamed actor in the sexual harassment accusation, is now asking for malicious comments to stop.

“Back then, I wanted to continue being an actress, and I thought I just needed to keep my eyes closed and my mouth shut and bear it. Time has passed, and I didn’t expect that the post that I uploaded would gain so much attention, since I’m now far away from that world. I couldn’t say anything in response to the sudden attention, and I was scared in case my children might be harmed. They said they would find me and kill me, who wouldn’t be scared because of that? That’s why I deleted the post. That person has acknowledged it and apologized, so there wouldn’t be any use in disclosing everything, since what effect could there be… There is no point in hating or resenting someone, it’s only hard on me. I only hope that my children will not know what happened to me in the past and will grow up without any problems. I’ve read all the messages and comments you’ve sent me. I don’t think I’ll be able to understand why you swear at me like that or what I did wrong. I’m uploading this long post to tell you to stop.”

Yeah, it’s ridiculous that she has to deal with this, especially considering Jo Jae Hyun has admitted everything and apologized already.


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