AAA’s Urata Naoya apologizes at press conference for assaulting woman, blames it on the alcohol

A week ago, it was revealed that Urata Naoya of AAA had assaulted a woman in a convenience store after his advances were rejected. Soon after, he held a press conference in which he apologized for his actions.

Urata said, “I apologize to the victim and I am very sorry”. Urata said he would also be refraining from any activities. Urata reiterated what he told police that he was drinking a lot and doesn’t remember anything and he regrets not remembering anything and apologized. Urata said he was drinking since 7:00 p.m. (on the 18th) through 4:00 a.m. on the 19th. As for the woman he assaulted, Urata said that he has no memory at all of what happened. That he had a good time drinking and that is all he remembers. When he was arrested, he was thinking “Why is this happening? I’m sorry for not knowing what I did?”. Urata vowed to stop drinking sake and that he will not drink anymore. He wants to self-indulge in everything and got carried away with the alcohol. Urata said to his fans and AAA fans, “I deeply apologize for any inconvenience I may have caused”. He told his fellow AAA members that he can’t apologize enough, because he is their leader and it breaks his heart that he acted irresponsibly.

Given that I don’t see how he could deny it since his defense wasn’t really a defense but rather an excuse, it’s rather bullshit to me that he basically just blames everything on the alcohol.


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