IOI reportedly in discussions for reunion with album & concert in 2019

IOI are in discussions to reunite as a group for six months later this year, according to a report by Ilgan Sports. MNH Entertainment (Chungha) has confirmed that at least talks have taken place, and CJ E&M has done similar.

On April 29, Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports reported that according to multiple industry insiders, I.O.I has finally been confirmed for a six-month reunion in the second half of this year. According to the new report, I.O.I will be attending KCON USA together as a group in August, and they are currently planning to release a new album in September. The group is also said to be preparing to hold a concert at the end of the year.

Although there have previously been many rumors about the “Produce 101” project group reuniting, Ilgan Sports stated that it has not been easy for the agencies of all 11 members to come to an agreement about the details of a reunion, especially since the members have been busy with their own solo and group activities following the conclusion of their promotions with I.O.I in January 2017. According to the report, it was primarily due to the strong bond between the I.O.I members, who have been vocal about their hopes for a reunion, that this six-month plan came to pass.

Of course, the report also says that said reunion will come without Somi.

Unfortunately, Jeon Somi will reportedly be unable to participate in the upcoming reunion, as she is currently busy preparing for her solo debut under her new agency The Black Label.

Big time yikes there. Not only would YG Entertainment reportedly be delaying her solo debut (mostly due to the Burning Sun scandal and what not), but now she may not even be allowed to do an IOI reunion, which surely would help her personal brand more than anything else at this point.

Speaking of which, I assume the reason this is actually feasible is that most of the group’s careers since the IOI broke up have tanked, so this would definitely be the best thing that could happen to both them and their companies. So unless like Chungha’s company refuses (or Kyulkyung doesn’t want to come back from China), this makes all the sense in the world.


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