Jung Joon Young’s distressed airport arrival photo wins honors

Kim Chang Hyun, a photo reporter for Media Today, recently won the 195th Photo Report Of The Month given by the Korea Press Photographer’s Association for a picture he snapped of Jung Joon Young arriving back at Incheon International Airport on March 12, 2019 following reports about his molka group chats.

The KPPA’s Lee Hyo Kyung explained why the pic was selected for Top Excellence, “A photo can definitely win even if it’s not majestic (or serious). In Jung Joon Young’s case, his issue became a controversy in society so it holds even greater value. … [Jung Joon Young’s] hat was flying off, he was getting pushed by the reporters and the security. We gave many points on how the photo realistically portrayed the situation.”

Meanwhile, the photographer commented on how the pic was taken,
“There were so many people and I was getting pushed, so I just kept clicking the shutter. The moment his hat flew off, I thought, ‘Ah, I got it.’ I immediately fell after taking the award-winning photo. He committed a crime by secretly filming others, but he didn’t even want to be seen by reporters in the airport, so he was trying to hide and such a bad photo [of him] was taken coincidentally. I feel like many people were thinking, ‘Ha, you deserve it.'”

Nothing about the scandal itself is a laughing matter, but at least this is a bit of light-hearted news at the expense of a true piece of shit that everybody can revel in.


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