TWICE’s Sana has a “scandal” over mentioning transition between Heisei and Reiwa era in Japan on Instagram

A recent Instagram post by TWICE‘s Sana has blown up among Korean netizens and she’s getting raked over the coals for it in the replies and comments on news portals.

Written in Japanese, the post talks about the transition between the Heisei and Reiwa eras after Emperor Akihito recently abdicated.

“As someone born in the Heisei era, I’m sad that the Heisei era is coming to an end, however, Heisei you have worked hard, it’s the beginning of the Reiwa era, so I’m going to face this beginning and complete the last day of Heisei neatly”

People are upset about that. And the reality is that there isn’t much context in there that makes the post controversial, no matter what Koreaboos who think siding with nationalists means they’re progressive insist.

We know this because she’s getting backlash without even mentioning the Emperor, while South Korea’s President and Prime Minister had direct praise for the Emperor himself, much less just referencing the changing of the eras.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has expressed his gratitude to Emperor Akihito for his contributions to the development of the two countries’ relations, a South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday. While on the throne, Emperor Akihito has underscored the importance of maintaining peace and has greatly helped South Korea and Japan promote their ties, Moon said in a letter sent to the emperor, according to the spokesman. Moon added that he hopes Emperor Akihito, 85, will continue to work for the further advancement of the bilateral relationship after his abdication on Tuesday, the spokesman said.

In a Facebook post, South Korean Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon voiced appreciation to the emperor for placing importance on South Korea-Japan relations. Lee also thanked Crown Prince Naruhito for his inspiring words when they met at the World Water Forum in Brasilia in March last year. The Crown Prince is set to accede to the throne at midnight Tuesday. Lee stressed that he hopes South Korea and Japan will build a new, friendly and cooperative relationship to prepare for a future together during Japan’s forthcoming Reiwa Era, set to begin on Wednesday. Lee’s comments are said to indicate Seoul’s desire to improve, in the new era, the bilateral relationship, which has deteriorated partly due to a series of rulings by South Korean courts, including the Supreme Court, that ordered Japanese companies to pay compensation to South Koreans requisitioned to work for them during World War II.

The Prime Minister additionally sent out a tweet about the event.

So yeah.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of this seems to be manufactured outrage by older conservative/nationalist types in Korea, which makes international Koreaboos trying to side with them and claiming other international fans just don’t understand the history and culture as amusing as it usually is. We get what’s going on, man, we just don’t think jerking off to nationalism by irrationally hating on an idol who said nothing wrong is a good look.

As of right now, there’s nothing rational behind this scandal, and nobody should convince you otherwise.


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