AKS files suit against men who assaulted NGT48’s Yamaguchi Maho, which they should’ve done months ago

AKS has belatedly filed suit against the two perpetrators of the assault on NGT48’s Yamaguchi Maho with the goal of getting them to answer questions about the attack and the potential involvement of others.

It is purported that the goal of this lawsuit is to clarify the details of the incident in a court setting, as the have perpetrators previously refused to participate in the investigation by the third-party committee organized by AKS.

A legal expert tells Sponichi that they believe the lawsuit has been served in order to concretely clarify if any NGT48 members were involved with the planning of the attack, as the two perpetrators have previously denied questioning. “We’re unable to speak about this matter,” commented AKS.

I don’t even know what to say about this.

I surmise that this action is being done because not only is NGT48 in trouble but AKS is also catching backlash for their horrid response to this incident. However, I can’t help but think this comes off like a self-own, as it basically invalidates the conclusion of their allegedly impartial third-party investigation, revealing that the reason they concluded no NGT48 member was involved is because they didn’t even try to find out. Aside from the fact that the assaulters weren’t held legally responsible, AKS has waited four months before even trying to legitimately get answers out of the perpetrators, and only cause they are being pushed by all the negative press.

I’m honestly not sure at this point how deep this goes in terms of who is connected and who is just linked in conspiracy theory type things, but AKS made this bed for themselves by being thoroughly dishonest from the start.


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