[Review] Oh My Girl deliver successful comeback with “The Fifth Season” thanks to soaring chorus

A little less than a week ago, Oh My Girl made a comeback with “The Fifth Season“, and it’s taken me this long to cover it because it’s something I actually wanted to write about, dammit. Their return delivered more of the fantasy-themed sound we’ve come to expect from them, and perhaps one of their best.

“The Fifth Season” doesn’t offer a whole lot initially as the verses start out rather bland and soft, but have a bit of patience and it begin to build its ethereal soundscape. The delicateness of the verses contrast will with the dynamism of the instrumental offerings and effectively hint at the energy to come, muting much of the concern with the initial direction.

Of course, for that to have any meaning at all, the payoff has to be there in the end. Thankfully it comes with one of their best choruses, which bursts forward with a feeling of expanse, and a rush of emotion sweeps throughout the song. “The Fifth Season” gleefully rides that momentum into what almost feels like secondary chorus that incorporates drum hits that drive it over the top.

Oh My Girl also don’t settle for dainty and hook-y at any point, instead opting for power notes that send everything soaring. As mentioned, the chorus excels in the back-end and the repeated “la la la lalalala” serves as a hook in its own right and makes sure the listener has multiple opportunities to fall for the song’s charms.


While this does feel like territory that WJSN, Lovelyz, and Oh My Girl themselves have explored before, that doesn’t make the execution of “The Fifth Season” any less effective. It’s a rather timeless spacey vibe and the epicness and drama of it all is definitely right up my alley, adding another always replayable offering to their discography.


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Thot Leader™