AKS not allowing members to attend Yamaguchi Maho’s graduation concert + Akimoto Yasushi’s role

Following news that AKS would sue the perpetrators of the assault on soon-to-be former NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho in order to get them to talk, thus seemingly invalidating their own third-party investigation into the matter, it was revealed that only Maho, Hasegawa Rena, and Sugahara Riko would appear at the trio’s upcoming graduation concert.

It’s not for lack of trying though, as AKS has reportedly prohibited any 48 Group member from attending, according to Hashimoto Haruna.



It’s as if AKS is trying to come off as evil as possible with every decision they make regarding this mess.

Speaking of AKS, apparently it’s not Akimoto Yasushi behind all of this, confirmed by Maho herself.


This was mentioned by Sashihara Rino.


Normally I’d be skeptical about this, as it seems very convenient that he gets distance from the mess. However, it’s not just Sasshi (who still has ties to AKS), but Maho herself saying it as well.


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