NCT 127 throw out first pitch at Dodger Stadium, Yuta throws his to the moon

NCT 127 hit up a Dodgers game yesterday and four of the members threw out the first pitch.

Yes, I’m using any excuse to cover baseball, especially if it involves the Dodgers.

Speaking of that first pitch … they were pretty amusingly bad.

Yuta in particular was absolutely horrendous.

The Asian version of 50 Cent‘s first pitch.

They almost killed the Dodgers social media manager.

Their fans showed out at the stadium.

And a Dodgers beat writer mentioned how bad they were at throwing baseballs and he got the full brunt of Stan Twitter.

Kinda asking for it with the follow-up, I guess.

That said, they themselves basically admitted as much.

Most importantly, the Dodgers beat the Padres by the score of 2-0 behind an impressive performance from Maeda Kenta, and after Ryu Hyun-Jin’s performance with BTS’s Suga in attendance, maybe this K-pop/Dodgers crossover should be a regular thing.


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