Burning Sun Roundup: Seungri & Yoo In Suk further prostitution mediation allegations, Choi Jong Hoon & “Mr. Kwon” rape charges update

Seungri and Yoo In Suk recently had their arrest warrants denied, and Seungri reportedly admitted to soliciting prostitution.

In related news, reports have said that Seungri in fact solicited prostitution at least three times.

On May 13, Channel A’s “News A” reported that the police have found through their investigation that Seungri purchased prostitution services at least three times or more, including calling a woman who worked at an adult entertainment establishment to his home. The police have secured testimony from a waitress at an adult entertainment establishment who said that Seungri received prostitution services in 2015 at places such as his home. Seungri is continuing to deny the suspicions, stating that the woman was someone he knew before and it was not prostitution. However, while looking into the accounts of staff at the adult entertainment establishment, they found that Seungri’s side had paid money.

Obviously Seungri is reportedly no longer denying at that it happened at least once.

In another report that emerged from the filing of the arrest warrant, both Seungri and Yoo In Suk are being connected with even more instances of prostitution mediation.

During the May 15 broadcast of MBC’s “Newsdesk,” the program revealed that its reporters were able to procure and examine Seungri and Yoo In Suk’s pretrial detention warrants. According to the program, instances of prostitution mediation occurred mainly in 2015. In December 2015, when Seungri gave instructions to call in women to entertain Taiwanese men, Yoo In Suk recruited two women and wired 3.6 million won (approximately $3000) to a broker in return. A few days later, Yoo In Suk mediated prostitution again when a group of nine Japanese investors came to Korea. Seungri had paid for their hotel fees, which amounted to 37 million won (approximately $31,000), using a YG Entertainment company credit card. According to MBC’s report, police confirmed 12 instances of prostitution mediation that occurred between December 2015 to January 2016. These instances account for a sum of 43 million won (approximately $36,000). Investigations have revealed that Yoo In Suk even used his maternal grandmother’s bank account to transfer the money. The warrant also noted that these instances of prostitution mediation were conducted through adult entertainment establishments located in Gangnam. Using their connections with sources from the establishments, Seungri and Yoo In Suk would call women over when necessary. In regards to Seungri and Yoo In Suk’s embezzlement charges, MBC reported that the men embezzled a total of 550 million won (approximately $462,000), including 520 million won (approximately $436,000) in Burning Sun funds, from September 2018 to January 2019. Seungri and Yoo In Suk wired the money to their separate corporate bank accounts in the name of brand and consulting expenses, but the court ruled that the nature and intended use of the funds for each corporation should be further examined.

The detainment was rejected, but the details of what police intend on charging him with could prove illuminating, and there are apparently more cases of prostitution mediation between the two of them than was known previously.


Meanwhile, in what is a lower profile issue but one that I would argue is more important, the gang rape/rape cases of Choi Jong Hoon and “Mr. Kwon” (Yuri‘s brother) have been forwarded to prosecution.

May 16, the case against Choi Jong Hoon for alleged sexual assault was forwarded to prosecutors with a recommendation for indictment from the police. An anonymous Mr. Kwon, reported as the older brother of a girl group member, was forwarded to prosecution for the same crime on May 16, as well. Faced with questions from the press, Choi Jong Hoon, who is under suspicion of two cases of aggravated rape (refers to rape that involves two or more perpetrators), once in January 2016 and once in March the same year, simply stated that he would comply with questioning from prosecutors and apologized. Choi Jong Hoon has thus far denied the sexual assault charges against him during police questioning, saying that he was drinking, but there was no sexual intercourse. Last week, Choi Jong Hoon was officially detained, with the court citing concern for potential destruction of evidence.

Yeah, disgusting.

Remember, his defense for an allegation that he participated in a gang rape was that he was present, but did not engage sexually.

In response to allegations of multiple-perpetrator sexual assault, Choi Jong Hoon stated through his lawyer that while it is true that he was with “A,” he did not engage in sexual activity with her.

Why would he admit that? Makes him essentially morally indefensible, after all. Well, probably because he knows he’s on video and that he’s in the chat commenting on it, so he has to say whatever will keep him out of jail for a while.


In the comments of a previous article, there were some questions about what Choi Jong Hoon did. Please note that if you click on the tags at the bottom of the post, you can find out quite easily.


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