Seungri reportedly admitted to soliciting prostitution during arrest warrant hearing

Seungri and Yoo In Suk recently had their arrest warrants on multiple charges denied, primarily due to questions about the embezzlement portion, but it’s being reported that Seungri did admit to soliciting prostitution for himself at the hearing.

On May 18, Channel A’s “News A” announced that they had the exclusive report on Seungri’s statement during his pretrial detention warrant questioning on May 14.

He reportedly told the court, “It is true that I had sexual relations with a female employee of an adult entertainment establishment after paying money. I am now reflecting on my actions. As a celebrity, I found it hard to admit to suspicions of soliciting prostitution.” Seungri continued to deny the other suspicions mentioned in the police warrant requests. According to the police, they are planning to recommend Seungri’s case for prosecution sometime next week.

In a vacuum I would say this isn’t a big deal considering how common of a practice this is in Korea (assuming it’s consensual sex work, of course), though of course everything that surrounds this is definitely why it seems worse. And this continues to make it seem like he’ll cop to lesser stuff to get a legal slap on the wrist for all this and skate on anything serious.

Throughout this process I was under no illusions (aside from the tax evasion/embezzlement shit) that the justice system would do anything about most of the scandal, so none of this is honestly too surprising. Regardless, this stuff doesn’t have much bearing on why Seungri’s a shithead anyway.


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