[Review] Weki Meki finally get a title track right with the catchy “Picky Picky”

Weki Meki have provided more to dislike than like with their title tracks so far, and their releases so far has contained at least one album track that was superior. “Picky Picky” seems destined to buck that trend, as while there was room for improvement, it was easily their best title effort to date.

The electro-pop foundation of “Picky Picky” drives the whole song, and it instantly hooked me because it reminded me of a toned-down version of Dreamcatcher’s drum & bass standout “Sleepwalking”. But despite the brash underpinnings, it’s a rather silly pop song at its core and they embrace that by providing an appropriate energy to match throughout, the playfulness of which pays off especially during the otherwise standard verses.

As far as memorable moments, the song contains a bunch of sections that are hard to shake. Hell, “Picky Picky” starts with probably the best of them, a distorted, dry reading of “like it, don’t like it, love it, don’t want it, Weki Meki, I’m so picky“. The chorus itself stands out as well, with “I’m so picky picky picky” embedding itself into your brain, but the real appeal coming with the melodic lead-in for it, proving that it’s more than just a hook song.

Admittedly though, “Picky Picky” is a song that could wear over time and I understand those who might find it annoying rather than catchy. However, there are enough quality elements that hit exactly right for me that it falls decidedly on the positive side of the ledger and represents a song that Weki Meki will hopefully be able to build upon going forward.


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