Yoo Byung Jae ditches YG Entertainment, takes his manager with him

After joining YG Entertainment back in 2015, Yoo Byung Jae made it a regular thing to diss the company in jokes. However, following the recent scandals connected to YGE and artists, he generally stopped doing that, perhaps because it was getting actually serious.

Now it’s been revealed that Yoo Byung Jae is abandoning ship, choosing not to renew his contract with YGE.

Hello. This is YG Entertainment. After discussion with Yoo Byung Jae ahead of the expiration of his contract with YG, the mutual agreement was made to conclude our management activities in early June. We express gratitude to the fans who have loved Yoo Byung Jae while he was with YG, and we will cheer on his future. Thank you.

Yoo Byung Jae also took his manager with him, unsurprisingly.

YG Entertainment additionally confirmed that Yoo Kyu Sun, Yoo Byung Jae’s manager of 10 years, will also be leaving the company. Yoo Kyu Sun has shown his close relationship with Yoo Byung Jae on “The Manager.”

In itself, this isn’t all that significant, though I do think it’ll be interesting to monitor if this becomes more of a thing going forward. YGE has been able to avoid meaningful blow back for their controversies in the past, but the general public seems outraged by their links to the Burning Sun scandal for now.


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