Kato Minami (NGT48 captain) complains about seeing Yamaguchi Maho on TV, gets demoted & banned from social media

Soon-to-be former NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho held her final theater performance recently on May 18, and that made the news, where it was even shown in a nail salon. That would seem irrelevant to things, but as if to prove how everybody surrounding this is out of touch, NGT48 captain Kato Minami commented on seeing her in the news on her recent Instagram Stories.

Minami posted a photo on her Instagram story at a nail salon. In the picture a television can be seen showing footage from Maho’s graduation. Along with the picture Minami posted the caption, “Even though I’m doing my nails I want someone to change the channel.”

If that seems like not her best choice of commentary, it’s because it wasn’t, and somebody relayed that to her quickly because the update was deleted soon after.

The backlash obviously came in hot and heavy, and NGT48 announced soon after that Kato Minami was demoted to research student status and got all NGT48 members banned from social media until further notice.

NGT48 official site announced their member Kato Minami was demoted to research student, due to inappropriate social media post. According to NGT48’s official site, Kato Minami explained that she watched the news while she was doing her nails and she just wanted to share her sorrow with close friends, but made a mistake and publicized it. She apologized for her thoughtless behaviour. Moreover, all NGT48 members will be prohibited from using social media from today (23:00 JST) on until they are educated to use the social media properly.

Obviously just damage control, but at least it’s something. Regardless, if you’ve been following this whole story, you can just see why more idols don’t come forward when terrible things happen to them in private. They are basically treated like a pain at best and a problem needing solving at worst when they come forward.


Still, to end things on a positive note, Maho reportedly has been receiving many offers from other agencies and invitations to appear on television shows, so hopefully at least some good will come of this for her.


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