[Review] GOT7 return with understated “Eclipse”

If you’ve been reading TheBiasList long enough, you’ll know that GOT7 have often become the punching bags for my trend-related complaints over the past few years. Obviously I don’t hate the guys or anything, I’ve just found their music increasingly self-serious and needlessly moody, and simply long for the return of insta-classics like “A“, “Just Right“, and “If You Do.” Thankfully, “Eclipse” possessed unanticipated appeal.

I have an aversion to future bass, even more so than its irritating co-conspirators trap and tropical house. But, the future bass moments in the chorus of “Eclipse” feel more like rock guitar, and they don’t totally kill the track’s momentum. Once again, the song was co-composed by the group’s leader, JB. It seems that he and I have vastly different preferences when it comes to music, but unlike the fragmented “Look,” his songwriting feels more focused here.

The verses of “Eclipse” employ the kind of meandering melody that plagues too many current pop songs — spinning their wheels but amounting to very little in the way of memorable hooks. The pre-chorus is stronger, offering an extended build that segues well into the chorus.

The central refrain of “Eclipse” takes a few listens to get under your skin, but it has a welcome surge that compliments the groups’ vocal tones. In some ways, this feels like it could have been a JJ Project single (or the mopey cousin to ONF’s “We Must Love“). Beyond the trendy instrumentation, the song doesn’t throw too many bells and whistles at listeners. It has an understated, emotionally-driven vibe that should play well in the long run.

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