Davichi yell at each other on ‘Knowing Bros’, say they’re with each other until they die

Despite netizens constantly trying to pit them against each other, Davichi reaffirmed their bond during a recent guest appearance on ‘Knowing Bros‘, saying they’re together until they die.

The duo debuted in 2008 and recently celebrated their 11th anniversary. They stated, “We do have solo activities, but we won’t disband. One of us has to contract a fatal illness [before that happens].” They added, “We’re going to stay as a duo until one of us dies,” drawing a big reaction from the cast. They continued, “We’ve known each other for 14 years, including our trainee days. We might be the longest running duet. In those 14 years, we’ve never fought. Our personalities match well.”

Of course, celebrities talk about their bond all the time, so it’s their actions through the years as a long-standing duo that make what they say believable.

Though perhaps there is no greater evidence than Minkyung identifying a word as “idiot” after Haeri says “you“.


It’s more like “shit idiot” too.

Ah, true friendship.


Wow, Haeri definitely looks like she gets bullied by #SlyFox #KimchiSneakyBitch Minkyung.



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