[Update] Actress Han Ji Sun fined for assaulting taxi driver & police officers, agency issues apology

Actress Han Ji Sun reportedly assaulted and berated a taxi driver and then assaulted multiple police officers as well.

On May 23, Channel A released an interview with a taxi driver (hereafter referred to as “A”). Reportedly, when Han Ji Sun was drunk, she climbed into the passenger seat of a taxi when it was stopped at a light, slapped A in the face, and started hitting his head with a thermos. She was allegedly violent while accusing A of not going where she wanted to go. A explained, “Right away, she started swearing and hitting me. She didn’t just speak informally to me. She [cursed] harshly at me.” At the police station, she reportedly continued to be violent. She is said to have slapped the police officer who had escorted her to the station in the face, bit another officer in the arm, and kicked their leg.

Amazingly, she has managed to walk away from doing all that with just a fine.

Han Ji Sun was fined 5 million won (approximately $4,196) and given a year’s probation for obstruction of justice. This was decided upon due to the fact that it was a first-time offense and she deeply reflected on her actions. Channel A reported that A hasn’t received an apology from her. A shared, “She didn’t contact me at all. I think it’s unfair. I was [treated] like this by a young lady who is younger than my children.” Her agency JWIDE-Company told Channel A that she is reflecting on her actions, and that while she wanted to contact the driver, she did not know his contact information.

Her agency, JWIDE Company, released a statement of apology on her behalf.

Hello, this is JWIDE-Company. First of all, we’d like to sincerely apologize for causing many people to be concerned about something unfortunate about actress Han Ji Sun. We learned this from the media not long before the request for confirmation was made, and we checked with ourselves to find out the exact facts. We confirmed that she was questioned by the police last year over an argument with a taxi driver. As reported, she has fulfilled the legal responsibilities currently assigned to her and will also carry out the remaining legal responsibilities. Regardless of the circumstances, Han Ji Sun has admitted her wrongdoing without making any excuses, and she deeply repents and reflects on herself. In this regard, we will be careful of all our words and actions so as not to cause any further stir in society, and we have expressed our deep remorse and apology for causing concern to many people.  As a management company, we also acknowledge, reflect deeply, and feel responsible for our failure to manage more thoroughly. We feel the need for improvement internally to prevent this from happening again and we promise to work with all the company’s executives and employees to make the utmost effort. Once again, we bow our heads and offer our sincere apology to everyone.

Honestly don’t even know who she is, but this was too remarkable of a story to not share. Both because of what she did and that she got away with a fine for all this shit.


Han Ji Sun has now personally apologized to the taxi driver.

On May 25, Channel A shared, “Han Ji Sun apologized to taxi driver Lee (hereafter referred to as Lee) through her agency the day after the incident was released to the press.”

Lee reportedly went to Han Ji Sun’s agency after receiving a call and met with her in person eight months after the incident. According to Lee, Han Ji Sun told her story in tears. She told Lee that she’s never had this happen when she was drunk before and that she does not drink alcohol anymore. Lee stated, “I decided to accept Han Ji Sun’s apology without receiving any other compensation.”


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