Former U-KISS member AJ says future was ‘irrationally blocked’ by U-KISS members

Following the announcement that more U-KISS members would be leaving the group, former member AJ (Siyoon) took to Instagram multiple times to address his riff with his former group members themselves.

While responding to a question from a fan about whether he’s still in contact with U-KISS members, AJ asks whether they would speak to people who blocked their future.

Fans were curious as to what he meant, and he left a temporary reply.

He then took to Instagram Stories again to post his explanation.

It’s not explicitly clear why he blames his members instead of the company NH Media here, as this is surprisingly vague for something that spreads blame so directly.

AJ joined U-KISS late after the company disbanded his old group Paran and then went on hiatus to study at Columbia, came back for a bit, and then went on hiatus again. The only thing I can imagine is that the other members would not allow him back into the group despite his apologies for the hiatus and what not, thus not letting him promote either with them or do solo work or whatever else until his contract with the company expired and he left, yet they pretended everything was fine and continued to let fans think he was coming back and they were cool.

Admittedly that’s just a guess and it’s definitely possible that everybody confused as to why he isn’t blaming the company is right. However, I’m assuming he blames his former group members for a reason. Just a shame that we still don’t specifically understand what that reason is.


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