YG accused of mediating prostitution services for investors, YGE denies report

YG, who we already know is gross regardless of this, was recently connected to mediating prostitution services for southeast Asian investors in a recent report.

On May 26, MBC’s “Straight” released a teaser video for their upcoming episode where they brought forth allegations that Yang Hyun Suk had solicited prostitutes for foreign investors. “Straight” claims that they have obtained evidence in the form of detailed testimony that Yang Hyun Suk arranged such services for two Southeast Asian investors in July 2014. The show claimed, “Yang Hyun Suk and one YG singer waited for them [investors] at an upscale Korean restaurant in Gangnam, and strangely, there were 25 women who accompanied the eight men at the restaurant. Of the 25 women, at least ten were from a well-known adult entertainment establishment that has close ties with YG.” They went on to state, “After the meal, they moved to NB, a club in Gangnam that is said to be actually owned by Yang Hyun Suk. We have obtained evidence that at this club, sexual services were involved.”

YG Entertainment responded to that preview, denying any truth to it aside from him being present.

“The claims are false. Although Yang Hyun Suk was there, as he had been invited by an acquaintance, there was never any solicitations of any kinds of services.”

I was going to wait for the full episode to be released in order to cover the allegations, but YGE responded ahead of time and it seems likely that they’ll release another statement explaining their side after it airs.

So the accusation is similar to that of what Seungri and Yoo In Suk are currently facing in terms of prostitution mediation, though not with comparable evidence at the moment. Like with that situation, the problem comes in trying to prove that case in terms of a monetary transaction happening, which can be problematic, especially when the police might be involved and/or don’t care.


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