Hara issues statement through a rep regarding her health

Former KARA memberHara was the subject of widespread concern after reports that she attempted suicide a couple days ago. Thankfully, she was found alive, but she was still unconscious in the hospital. Fortunately, positive news has come as she has released a statement through a representative, updating people on her health.

On May 28, Japanese news outlets relayed Goo Hara’s words from a representative and shared an update on the celebrity’s health. According to the outlets, Goo Hara stated through her representative, “I’m truly sorry for causing concern due to the recent event. I am currently recovering my health. I was feeling distressed due to various incidents that piled up.” Goo Hara continued, “I will try my best to show a healthy side of myself by having a stronger mindset. I am truly sorry about the recent incident.”

Obviously it’s ridiculous that she is essentially issuing an apology for the events that have transpired, and one can only hope that’s just for public sentiment and not actually how she approaches her recovery.

Looking forward to continued positive updates on her health and hopefully she does whatever necessary to secure her well-being.


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