J-idol YONEKO vulgarly asks in English for help with ‘funny slang’

YONEKO is now a self-produced soloist Japanese idol that’s a former member of Bellring Shoujo Heart and MIGMA SHELTER, which I definitely knew off-hand and didn’t just regurgitate from a quick Google search.

Of course, none of that is the reason she’s become newsworthy to this hellsite. Rather, she did that by at least temporarily becoming an explicit competitor for Amaki Sally‘s international market share.

While that’s quality enough in itself, some of the replies she was making were just as good.

Trusting international fans on Twitter to teach you slang is probably a bad idea in the long run, but at least for now things are going swimmingly and amazingly.

Truly leading us all into the new era of idols. A trailblazer.


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