KARD’s BM continues shamelessly adding to his big man-tiddy harem

I’m not sure if KARD‘s BM quite knew what he was getting into when he started talking about man tiddies and his preferences in the size of them, but whatever he intended, it sure as hell is constantly on the minds of his fans now.


While Wonho of Monsta X and Mingyu of SEVENTEEN were his first choice, BM has since added others to his ideal man tiddy harem, including Shownu of Monsta X and Hongseok of Pentagon.


He also hasn’t seen RM of BTS, but he is taking fans’ word for it.


To me, that’s just not acceptable. As a Big Man Tiddy Professor, he must have the thoroughness to check them in person to live up to his scholarly reputation.

Since this shit is never gonna die for me or my mentions, I might as well lean all the way the fuck in.


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