YG rep says prostitutes were at dinner party, but no services were organized & any sex only happened ‘naturally’

In the latest update on the dinner party involving YG where he allegedly arranged for prostitution services for investors, a representative for YG has now told SBS that prostitutes were indeed in attendance that night but that any sex that happened was not arranged or paid for.

“It’s true that about 10 prostitutes were present. A lot of prostitutes from various businesses attended that night. Even if sexual intercourse took place, it only happened naturally. No prostitution service was purposefully organized like it was reported on the news.” — YG Representative

YG has continued to deny the allegations.

“I attended the dinner after being invited by an acquaintance. They said they wanted to go to a club so I took them to one where a DJ played once a week. I never offered them prostitution in any way.” — Yang Hyun Suk

Saying “prostitutes were there but any sex that happened was coincidental” is definitely shit you say when you no longer care about people believing you and really just want to escape legal punishment. Even if YG actually wasn’t the one who organized anything himself as he claims, it’s just something that makes anybody reading it think he was definitely involved.


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