Choi Jong Bum (Hara’s ex) facing 3 other charges aside from assault and blackmail

Last time the domestic incident between Choi Jong Bum and Hara was brought up in legal terms, it was revealed he would face charges of assault and blackmail. However it has recently been brought to my attention that he’s also facing three other charges as well.

On May 30, a second trial was held for Choi Jong Bum at the Seoul Central District Court. He had been charged for violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment of Sexual Crimes (filming body parts without consent), assault causing bodily harm, intimidation (blackmail), coercion, and destruction and damage of property.

CJB is denying everything except the destruction and damage of property charge. Additionally, it was revealed that Hara’s roommate and CEO would be called as witnesses. Hara herself is obviously in no condition to be in court, but her lawyer said that she wants to make a statement.

Nothing significant, but I had previously missed that he was facing three additional charges, and the more that gets piled on the better as far as I’m concerned.


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