Report of ex-PRISTIN members redebuting gets shot down because of course

Yesterday a report emerged sharing promising information on the former PRISTIN members, claiming that some of them signed with another company with an eye on re-debuting. However, another report emerged recently that denied anything of the sort was in the works.

The Big Data News on June 5 shares that they spoke with a source close to the members, who responded to the previous report by stating, “The article talking about some PRISTIN members signing on with a new agency and preparing to re-debut as members of a new girl group is false. Some of the members are currently attending school and studying for exams. We’re not sure why such an article was released.”

Unfortunate since it probably would’ve been a rather fine idea. Though as some pointed out the other day, it almost seemed like fanfiction with how well it fit what their fandom would’ve wanted, and unless there’s further development on this that’s essentially all that report will remain as.


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