Songs You May Have Missed: May Edition

Another month, another set of hundreds of Korean music releases you might have missed. This time around for Songs You May Have Missed we’ve got a definite chilled out summer tracks vibe in May, so hopefully it’s warm where you are so you can enjoy them to their fullest extent. This month I’ve got nine tracks, because that’s the number I felt like doing.


Rothy – “Bee”

For some good, warm summer night vibes, Rothy’s “Bee” is a very soothing listen. She’s kind of vocally like a cross between Heize and Lim Kim, and she’s got a bunch of OSTs to her name, so I really feel like Rothy is going to make a name for herself this year.

Wynn Feat. Swalo – “You Who”

The vocals are a little bit shaky on this one (and Swalo’s verse is just fine), but this is a pretty solid, beach-y vibe summer track.

Choi Nakta – “Just Friend”

Easily my second favourite track this month, this song is cute and I really like the charming, extremely staccato guitar playing at the beginning.


Listen, I know basically all music has auto-tune on it, but there are places in this where it’s kind of jarring how mechanical the vocals get. It’s a shame because this is a fairly sweet song otherwise.

D-CRUNCH – “Are You Ready?”

Okay, time for an idol pop break. The good thing about this song is that it only has about six notes, so it’s easy to sing. I am mostly kidding — this is a fine song by a group that debuted last year, but based on the song itself I had kind of assumed it was a debut … turns out it isn’t. Those pink jumpsuits are cute though.

CHEEZE – “We’re Everywhere”

And we’re back to chilling out. Despite actually being a solo act — having formerly been a four-piece group — CHEEZE’s output is still consistently good.

Casker – “Youth”

Alright, so I’ll be honest — Casker have basically never done anything I haven’t liked. This song is much more of an autumnal, soundscape style than everything else on this list, however be sure to check out the other song Casker released last month, “Time Besides Me“.

Kumira – “Keep Your Eyes On Me”

So this brings us back to the lazy summer tracks. The only thing about this song is that the vocals are kind of smeary, which gives them a super soporific feel — so if that’s your kind of thing then you’ll like this.

NCT 127 – “Jet Lag”

Okay, so obviously nobody has missed NCT 127’s latest release — it’s doing really well and NCT aren’t exactly lacking in media attention at the moment. However, if you don’t usually listen to anything any of the NCT teams do, I really recommend that you listen to this one anyway — or even if you’re the kind of K-pop fan who generally only listens to title tracks. This song has a very SHINee sound — it’s really just lovely.


That’s it for this month’s post. Happy listening!

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