Jang Jae In exposes Nam Tae Hyun for cheating, he admits fault & apologizes

Okay, so I was out for most of yesterday after foolishly assuming a Windows update would take just a bit instead of literal hours and hours, but Jang Jae In was online and dragging (ex-)boyfriend Nam Tae Hyun for cheating on her with multiple women.

In one KakaoTalk chat, she posts a conversation between Nam Tae Hyun and an anonymous woman about his relationship with Jang Jae In.

Then there was a post of the talk between the woman and Jang Jae In herself, in which she apologizes for him cheating with her.

After revealing this, Jang Jae In wrote about the situation.

1. We were just getting to know each other, but you decided on your own to publicly reveal our relationship and put me and my agency in a difficult situation. If you’re going to live like this, you should just have kept it private. I wondered why you were so focused on publicly revealing our relationship, but now I realize it’s because you go around doing stuff like this. To Nam Tae Hyun, and in particular, to Nam Tae Hyun’s fans, stop sending me malicious DMs and comments. The other women must have quietly let this go, but I refuse to see another woman fall victim. I don’t expect you to come to your senses, but you should at least have the bare minimum of a conscience.
2. [Jang Jae In tagged Nam Tae Hyun’s Instagram username here] This person is the one who told me to say on ‘Studio Vibes’ that I was the one who forced us to pretend there was a previous engagement. He was worried that his image would be ruined because he kept breaking his promises, so I agreed to say that I was the one who pretended.
3. To the ‘Studio Vibes’ members, I really regret that I left the group chat and cut off contact with all of you. That person hated me contacting other people, particularly in the ‘Studio Vibes’ group chat, so I decided to leave. I wrote this myself. It seems like he thought that other people lived the way he did. I feel bad because I have grown distant from good people.

Nam Tae Hyun, meanwhile, has gone on to admit fault and apologized.

“First of all, I apologize for stirring up trouble. I offer my deepest apologies to Jang Jae In and the person who messaged her. While it is clearly my fault, it is unfortunate that the media is publishing some things that are untrue without confirmation. I am currently sorting things out, and I will release a handwritten apology and explanation as soon as possible.”

So his side of the story is coming out soon, I suppose, though it doesn’t seem like he’ll be denying anything significant.

Jang Jae In, while she has removed all her Instagram content, has changed her biography to a rather clear message.


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