Sorn parodies react channels by reacting to CLC’s “ME”

Sorn had the time to make new content for her YouTube channel, and she blessed us by doing a parody of K-pop music video react channels while reacting to CLC’s “ME” (which I still like). Promoting her group’s single while serving us comedy and a touch of shade? What more can one ask?

The hyping up of her own members and cheering on her own screen time was BM-esque.

Also, I can’t tell if there’s a bit of shade regarding the put-on overreaction stuff react channels do, but it’s better if there is because it’s more awesome that way. On one hand, Sorn is so nice and may not do that overtly. On the other hand, she is smart and probably lost so many brain cells watching that many react videos.

Sorn rules is the main take away.


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