Police recommend against charging Kim Hyung Jun for sexual assault

A few months ago, Kim Hyung Jun was accused of sexual assault, but he said the encounter was consensual and filed a lawsuit against the accuser for false accusation and defamation.

Now police have reportedly recommended against indictment due to a lack of evidence.

A source from the police stated, “After investigating [the case] based on statements from both parties and what allegedly happened at the time, there was no evidence that [proved] the accusations [are true]. As a result, [the police] decided to [forward the case] with a recommendation of non-indictment.”

It’s hard to know the truth about these types of situations, especially when the police are a mess and they’ve royally fucked up this type of things before (Jung Joon Young, for example), but this case did have things from the start that would’ve made prosecution difficult.


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