Lawyer Bang Hyun Jung told that many other celebs are involved in B.I/YG drug scandal

As the drug case involving B.I and YG continues to escalate, lawyer Bang Jung Hyun revealed during his appearance on ‘Kim Hyun Jung’s News Show‘ (same one he went on during the Burning Sun scandal, yes) and confirmed that there were many other names involved in this.

According to [Han Seo Hee], there are actually a lot more celebrity names that were involved. I can’t say much about this because its truth relies solely on her testimony, but she says there are many more others involved. The amount could really be shocking. If you look at it, entertainment companies should be instilling dreams and hopes into the younger generation. But instead, they have numerous celebrities who are using drugs. They should be the ones preventing this in the first place. I believe instead of trying to prevent [the use of drugs], they are using [drug tests] to be able to manage what happens with their celebrities easier.

Specifically, he says there are those connected to YG Entertainment.

Like Han Seo Hee or not, and I don’t, her credibility in this case when not being threatened seems legitimate, as significant parts of her story are backed by evidence like chat or photos or have been confirmed, so this could just be the start.


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